02 April 2010

Live Life Universal

When I sit back and think, looking at the open boundless sky, trying to figure out and draw a line of The start and The end, I end up getting lost in a limitless chain of thoughts, an endless list of questions, all unanswered, as to Who am I, What am I, Why am I…? All leaving me with a sense of an irrational, abstract and uncertain fear…

“Civilizations after Civilizations, Generations after generations, Centuries after Centuries, if at all, there is one thing, that the mankind has passed on to their offspring’s, with utmost honesty and sincerity, even without a slightest miss, is the concept of Fear. This has grown exponentially, uncontrollably and irreparably over time.

They sow the seeds of fear, in the fertile hearts and minds of the young children, nourish and nurture with utmost care, until it is ripe and firm, into a solid tree, with an intention to make their children the Best. How honest, innocent, truthful and faithful are their intentions?!! But they fail to realize that, their actions are contrary to their intentions.

While they want their offspring’s to be the best, they bring them up in a way, and prepare them that result in their worst. They fail to realize that they are nurturing and befriending the “Greatest and Worst enemy of Mankind, i.e. the Fear.
“Fear is the greatest and arch enemy of mankind and has resulted in more deaths, than by any other means or methods"

We believe and pray God, in different forms, known to mankind and consider him to be our Godfather, caretaker and well wisher. We also believe, accept and acknowledge that he has infinite powers, energies, infinite knowledge, wisdom, courage etc....
He is our Godfather, means we are his children. Aren't we?
So now the question comes..So if we are the children of Universal and infinitely powerful God, are we living life to the intent and purpose to which he has created us?

So, Has the Lord of the Infinites and the Master of the Universe, created Life on one of his favorite home, i.e. the Planet earth, with intent that, his children lead a normal mediocre life, fully filled and handicapped with fear, phobia, anxiety, inhibitions etc.

We, the mankind, should Arise and Awaken, understand and live life, to the truest purpose and intent, with which he created. Lets not deny him and his purpose, which otherwise would be An insult upon injury to Master, himself.

“We shall do the thing that we fear and the death of fear is certain ". Today, now, we shall take a pledge that,

“We, The children of the Master of the Universe, the Lord of infinites and the Supreme personality of Godhead, is our birth right as well as duty, to claim possession to all his infinite powers, by virtue of succession and inheritance. We shall live life with a manner that, he shall proudly declare us as the living examples and role models of his creation”

With all due respect to all, The Question is not who is going to let me, but the question is who is going to stop me…

Our soul, our self is like an umbilical cord, very strongly connected and attached to the Universal infiniteness. Let’s stretch to open the channels and obtain access to this infinite reservoir and live life to the fullest, in a way we like and love. This Realization of the experience is beyond all aspects, known and unknown to mankind.
Its high time and the right time, that, we introduce and expose, Our True Self, The Real Me, which we wish to be, which we pray to be, which we dream to be and which we ought to be, to the entire public, to the entire planet and to the entire Universe to “Live Life royally, Kingly and Universal.”